A Pain in the Neck – Literally!

Neck pain can be caused by any workplace activity that strains your neck and you might feel pain at the base of your skull and down into your shoulders, or you might just feel a knot in your neck. You may also develop a headache. Serious neck pain can limit your ability to move your head and become severe enough to limit your ability to do your job.

If your neck pain is worse at the end of the work day, it might be related to stress placed on your neck while working. Repeated, prolonged activities that affect muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints cause most neck pain.

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Why We Get Sleepy in the Afternoon

If you tend to suffer a sleepiness attack in the mid-afternoon, well it’s not all that odd. Many people experience a noticeable dip in their alertness, attention, creativity, energy level, and ability to concentrate in the mid-afternoon.

It’s true, the majority of us have been there: after an awesomely kick-ass, productive morning of finishing projects and heading for inbox zero, the clock strikes two and well, hell… you might as well pull down the blinds, slip on your jammies, and slide under your desk

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When and How to ask for Feedback

After the recent podcast episode about How to Ask For and Get a Raise I got some feedback from people looking for more information on how they can really hone in on being the kind of employee who actually deserves and gets a raise.

Some of the questions and comments I received reminded me of a few jobs that I have had in the past where I honestly had no idea how I was doing. Or how anyone else was doing. I would show up, do what I thought my job entailed, collect my paycheque and go home. And as un-rocky as that boat was, I would go home at the end of the day oddly unfulfilled. I was never really disappointed in my work but I also was never really proud or excited about it either.

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How to Prepare For and Return From a Vacation

With the 24/7-ness of our culture, it is becoming more and more difficult for employees to ever feel they that have all their work done. Plus today’s work ethic of “more, bigger, faster, busier” creates a trap for all of us making us fearful of taking vacations or even days-off.

Here are some preparing for and returning from vacation strategies that will help you conquer that mountain of work quickly and calmly.

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