What Happens at Work Stays at Work

I want you to be truly honest with yourself. Do you truly believe that one day you will actually go home from work with a completely clear desk? No projects left incomplete, no phone calls left to make, no emails to follow up on, no documents to edit, and no meetings to book?

The honest truth is that there will always be work left undone at the end of your busy day. Admitting this gives us some options.

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Working on Vacation: The Worcation

I am sure that you have read all the articles about “unplugging” on vacation – but… I know you and I know you aren’t going to do it! Because of leaps in technology and the nature of our jobs these days, it’s not like the old days when you just put on your hat, left the office and that was that. We can now work whenever and wherever we like. But if you don’t chill out and enjoy your vacation, odds are you’re going to burn out, and that’s no good.

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