Out of Office – Work Life Balance

Out of Office – Work Life Balance. Hello, My Workplace Heros. Brock Armstrong here, in a totally stripped down (or maybe the “unplugged”) version of the podcast today because I am currently out of the office. Actually, you can think of this episode as my podcasting Out Of Office reply.

I am spending the week at my mom’s house, visiting her, my sister, my niece and nephew and giving myself some downtime before I present at Western Canada’s first ever Podcast Summit in Calgary Alberta. I am doing a presentation of how to edit your podcast with style. And… er… I hope they don’t listen to this episode before my presentation… not exactly my best work. Ha ha!


Anyway, since I am trying to walk the walk and not just talk the talk about being a Workplace Hero, I thought I would make this podcast a quick and clear lesson on Work Life Balance.

Over at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s website they have a Work-Life Balance Quiz and I thought it would be fun to take it together.

The website asks: Do you find it difficult to balance the different roles in your life? If so, you’re not alone – 58% of Canadians report “overload” as a result of the pressures associated with work, home and family, friends, physical health, volunteer and community service.

Let’s take the quiz to see if we’re in balance. After I ask each question, make a mental note if you answered yes to the question. Keep track of how many yes-es (or agrees) you had and I will tell you at the end how well you did.

This is not a scientific test. Information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. If you feel that you may need advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.

Thanks to astute listener, Monica, I now know the algorithm for the quiz is more complicated than just adding up your yesses. Please use your intuition and add up the answers that seem like good work-life balance to you and use that as your score. Or visit the Mental Health website and take the quiz there!

1. I feel like I have little or no control over my work life
2. I regularly enjoy hobbies or interests outside of work
3. I often feel guilty because I can’t make time for everything I want to
4. I frequently feel anxious or upset because of what is happening at work
5. I usually have enough time to spend with my loved ones
6. When I’m at home, I feel relaxed and comfortable
7. I have time to do something just for me every week
8. On most days, I feel overwhelmed and over-committed
9. I rarely lose my temper at work
10. I never use all my allotted vacation days
11. I often feel exhausted – even early in the week
12. Usually, I work through my lunch break
13. I rarely miss out on important family events because of work
14. I frequently think about work when I’m not working
15. My family is frequently upset with me about how much time I spend working

Ok – now, what your score means.

0 – 5: Your life is out of balance – you need to make significant changes to find your equilibrium. But you can take control!

6 – 10: You’re keeping things under control – but only barely. Now is the time to take action before you’re knocked off balance. In case you were wondering, I scored a 9 so this is my category.

11 – 15: You’re on the right track! You’ve been able to achieve work/life balance – now, make sure you protect it

There you go! I hope you found that helpful. Now I am going to put down this computer and go play some street hockey with my sister’s kids.

Go Oilers!

I’ll be back next week with a real podcast, I promise.

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