Brock “Skywalker” Armstrong is a podcast producer & host, audiobook engineer, videographer, web & email developer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist, wannapreneur.

Before beginning Workplace Hero, Brock produced and co-hosted the twice weekly Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast and narrated the audio versions of the popular Marks Daily Apple blog posts. He also engineered the Primal Blueprint podcast, the Primal Endurance podcast, The Fat Burning Man, the Endurance Planet podcast, Katy Says, Obstacle Dominator and SEALfit’s Unbeatable Mind podcast. He is now the AV Production Manager for Bulletproof Radio.

Brock is also what most people would call a “health nut”. He is passionate about running, cycling, swimming, hockey, tennis… and, well, fitness in general. He is also passionate about Health & Well Being. His own personal struggle with various health issues have driven him greatly to gather the resources, education and training he has amassed over the last few years. Find out more at skywalkerfitness.ca